Rotomolding car fuel tank

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Rotational molding, also known as rotational molding, rotational molding, rotational molding, etc., is a hollow molding method for thermoplastics. It belongs to the advanced technology field of large plastic products at this stage and can effectively replace traditional plastic products. Rotomolding automobile fuel tanks are widely used in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. There are already national standards for plastic fuel tanks abroad and domestically. Mainly used in construction vehicles and heavy trucks and buses, such as Caterpillar, Atlas, John Deer, Liebherr, Xugong Group, China National Heavy Duty Truck and other companies have replaced the original metal fuel tanks with rotomolding fuel tanks.

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    How is tear resistance

    The impact compressive strength increased and exceeded the valley value of about 2 million. At this time, the content increases and the impact compressive strength decreases. This is because the molecular structure chain temporarily blocks its light crystallization effect, so there is a large amorphous region in the biological macromolecule, which can digest and absorb a large impact kinetic energy.



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