Rotomolding car fuel tank

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Metal fuel tanks are large in size, heavy in weight, increase energy consumption, difficult to form, and limit the design of vehicle space. Because it is welded, the weld is prone to fracture and oil leakage when impacted, which may cause secondary damage. Metal fuel tanks are prone to corrosion, while plastic fuel tanks use low-density polyethylene internationally recognized special materials for plastic fuel tanks. Compared with aluminum alloy fuel tanks, it has the characteristics of impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, deformation resistance, and light weight. The processing technology of the plastic fuel tank makes it easy to form, high in efficiency, and good in sealing. The plastic material itself has obvious advantages in anti-corrosion. Because of its integral molding, it has the characteristics of strong toughness and not easy to crack.

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    How is tear resistance

    The impact compressive strength increased and exceeded the valley value of about 2 million. At this time, the content increases and the impact compressive strength decreases. This is because the molecular structure chain temporarily blocks its light crystallization effect, so there is a large amorphous region in the biological macromolecule, which can digest and absorb a large impact kinetic energy.



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