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The imported fuel tank special materials selected by our company have passed the German TUV certification and EU plastic fuel tank standards. With the advanced production technology of rotomolding fuel tanks, the rotomolded diesel fuel tanks developed have better performance and quality, especially low temperature resistance (minus 50℃), impact resistance, toughness, crack resistance, etc. have more advantages than metal fuel tanks. The plastic fuel tank made of copolymer modified polymer materials used by our company has been tested by the National Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and fully meets the technical requirements of JF03-144-2011 (technical requirements for the supply of rotomolded plastic fuel tanks for automobiles) and GB18296-2019.

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  • How to ensure product quality?

    We have decades of production experience, professional production equipment, and testing instruments。

    Can your products be customized?

    Support various specifications and various colors of customization, can provide us with drawings, we can directly produce

    How is tear resistance

    The impact compressive strength increased and exceeded the valley value of about 2 million. At this time, the content increases and the impact compressive strength decreases. This is because the molecular structure chain temporarily blocks its light crystallization effect, so there is a large amorphous region in the biological macromolecule, which can digest and absorb a large impact kinetic energy.



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