Nylon cushion with excellent resilience and excellent mechanical properties

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Nylon cushion has high hardness, high tensile resistance, bending resistance, impact strength and high extension. Its compressive strength is comparable to that of metal, and its fatigue strength is on the same level as cast iron and aluminum alloy. .

  • Material: nylon
  • Size: customized according to demand
  • service: Customize according to the picture
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    Origin huaian jiangsu      materialnylonPA6 / MC

    product nameMc nylon slider  processInjection molding / centrifugal casting / CNC machining

    colourCustom colors     sampleCost buyer

    Brand: Haida            Injection: centrifugal casting

    Size: customized according to demand


    1. Can protect the surface of the steel plate.

    2 Lightweight and easy to replace. Reduced labor intensityWe have advanced technoiogy andexperienced technicians to supportthe professional customized all kinds of bearing to meet different requirements.

    Introduction: Nylon materials are known for their high strength, high rigidity, good adaptability, low creep, wear resistance and good chemical stability. In addition to the characteristics of ordinary nylon materials, MC nylon has high molecular weight and high crystallinity. Therefore, the strength of physical and mechanical properties is 1.5 times higher than that of ordinary nylon, and the mechanical strength is high. It can be applied to large-scale machinery. It is resistant to wear and self-lubricating. The life of MC nylon pulley is 4-5 times higher than that of steel, iron and pulleys. Without damaging the mating material, making crane pulleys, the wear-resisting life of the wire rope can be extended by 10 times; the adaptable temperature range can be used in the range of -40℃-100℃ 5. It can absorb vibration, produce no noise, run smoothly, and has self-extinguishing properties. , Safe to use
    MC nylon is currently the most ideal material to replace non-ferrous gold. It is widely used in engineering machinery, electric power, petroleum, mining, coal, metallurgy, papermaking, construction, ports, ropeways and other industries to make pulleys, sliders, worm gears, gears, and blades. A variety of parts such as wheel bushings, bearing bushes, drums, valve seats, support rings, grinding discs, pay-off pulleys, iron tower foundation large-surface templates, etc.

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    Packing details: Usually we use bubble film plus cardboard boxes, and if necessary, wooden pallets or wooden boxes will be used. Small items are packed in self-sealing bags + cartons. Large items are packed in wooden bags + wooden boxes.


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    We have decades of production experience, professional production equipment, and testing instruments。

    Can your products be customized?

    Support various specifications and various colors of customization, can provide us with drawings, we can directly produce

    How is tear resistance

    The impact compressive strength increased and exceeded the valley value of about 2 million. At this time, the content increases and the impact compressive strength decreases. This is because the molecular structure chain temporarily blocks its light crystallization effect, so there is a large amorphous region in the biological macromolecule, which can digest and absorb a large impact kinetic energy.



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