Type and selection of rubber shock absorbers

When we choose the shock absorber, we should first understand its characteristics, and then through the environment in the selection, the characteristics of rubber shock absorber is that its shape can be designed according to the need, the stiffness is adjustable, providing greater damping ratio than the spring, shear resistance, tensile resistance, compression resistance, installation is simpler. His disadvantage is that the natural frequency is high, the service life is short, the use of the environment is limited, the general use of environmental temperature should be controlled in -30-70 degrees Celsius, some chemical corrosion environment should choose the appropriate material of rubber shock absorber can be used.

Suitable for the production of rubber shock absorbers are more mainstream: natural rubber, neoprene rubber, butanol rubber; The market is full of shock absorbers made of updated rubber, which have hard hand feeling without spring, nonlinear load-compression ratio, rough surface, poor vibration reduction effect and easy aging. Remember to choose carefully and avoid buying such shock absorbers.


At the same time because of the characteristics of the product itself, there are many occasions rubber products industry is very inappropriate. First of all, rubber at minus 30 degrees will become brittle, lose its own elastic deformation, at this time there is no damping, so in too cold environment, do not use rubber damping products, so as not to have the desired effect. If in a very high temperature environment, we must not use rubber shock absorbers, otherwise, not only did not play the expected reduction, and even accidents may occur.


Post time: Oct-08-2021