Method 2 for replacing crane jib slider

Big arm out of the rear bend, tail slider gap 15MM how to replace the slider! There is a big arm extended length when the basic arm drum hanging things a package, how to repair!
When the big arm of the cantilever crane is extended and bent, and when the long hanging thing of the big arm is extended, the basic arm bulges a package, which belongs to the deformation of the big arm. It needs to be replaced and repaired and detected before it can be used, otherwise the consequences are very serious.
The crane telescopic boom slide block is divided into two parts: one is the slide block on the foundation wall; The second is the slider on the internal telescopic arm of the foundation arm. The slider on the foundation arm is in the arm, and the fastening screw is outside the foundation arm, which can be removed directly outside. Telescopic arm slide block to remove the telescopic arm, you can remove the slide block. You can have a look at the operation manual of the crane. Pull the rod to change the slider, the package is about the nylon slider is completely broken, pull out the rod section by section, repair as soon as possible, otherwise the more use the worse. Once installed, spread butter on it, gently flatten it out, then apply with a flat spatula. A small layer should be enough, not too much.


Post time: Nov-24-2021