MC nylon rod advantages

MC nylon rod, also known as cast nylon rod, is a kind of molten raw material, c6h11no, which is a molten raw material, which uses basic material as catalyst. MC nylon rod and activator and other additives are made into monomer to be polymerized directly into the mold preheated to a certain temperature. The material is polymerized quickly in the mold and condensed into a tough solid embryo. After the relevant process treatment, the predetermined bar is obtained. "Plastic instead of steel, excellent performance", widely used. MC nylon rod is made of white, black, blue, green, beige plate and nylon. Nylon rod has good chemical stability: it is not affected by chemicals, such as alcohol, weak base, copper, ester and hydrocarbon oil. Nylon rod has excellent cold and heat resistance: the heat resistance temperature is 80-100c, and it can adhere to a certain mechanical strength at - 60C. 

Mechanical function is also very good: and has high tensile, surface hardness, bending strength and impact strength and high ductility, suitable for large household components, widely used in industrial manufacturing machinery, instrumentation, electrical parts. Parts, such as bearings, gears, pump impellers, fan blades, oil resistant gasket, valve parts, beverage and food machinery, are made of wear-resistant, impact resistant, non glue, sanitary and non-toxic materials to make worktables, conveying screws, easy to clean, long life, anti mildew effect, and can also be used as other health care ingredients, name bushing, etc.

MC nylon rod has good toughness, wear resistance, oil resistance, seismic resistance, tensile and bending strength, low water absorption and good dimensional stability. They are used to process various high strength wear-resistant parts. The product has a wide range of applications. It is plastic and high quality steel, iron, copper and other metal materials. It is an important mechanical equipment for casting nylon width engineering plastics, not wear parts, not copper and alloy, because it is the wear of equipment. Such as turbine, gear, bearing, impeller, crank, instrument panel, drive shaft, blade and screw, pressure valve, washer, screw, nut, seal, shuttle and sleeve, sleeve connector can be made of MC nylon rod.

Post time: Aug-05-2020