Mc nylon pulleys

Nylon mainly as machine equipment wear, transmission seal and other parts, integrated, it has the following advantages: 1, wear reduction, wear resistance, excellent self-lubrication performance, can work effectively in the condition of less oil or no oil, generally 2-8 times wear-resisting than copper and Babbitt alloy. 2, high mechanical strength, good toughness, impact resistance, relieve fatigue, shock absorption and sound absorption effect is excellent, can reduce the stress concentration of load, so that the pressure is evenly distributed, because of the surface in high speed machinery using nylon gear, can improve the speed of operation, reduce noise. 3, the foreign body burying performance, good performance, it can work in the presence of abrasive impurities under bad conditions, prevent bite and injury shaft. 4, good chemical stability, lax requirements for lubricants, oil, water, grease can be used. 5, improve mechanical efficiency, prolong the service life of the equipment, reduce costs, improve the service life of 2-8 times, prolong the maintenance and lubrication time of the equipment, reduce the shutdown loss. 6, light weight: its heavy industry: 13, 8 times lighter than copper, one kilogram of nylon can replace 8 kilograms of copper, thus reducing the strength, but also reduce the cost of materials. 7, reduce cutting, reduce processing costs. Because its elasticity and plasticity are relatively large, and the allowable range of pressure distribution interference and fit clearance is larger than that of metal, so its tolerance requirements can not be as high as metal, and its inner and outer diameters can be processed according to 5-6 precision to meet the production requirements. 8, save a lot of copper and alloy materials for the country, such as: one ton MC nylon can replace 10.2 tons of copper, 9.8 tons of pig iron, 12.2 tons of bronze, 7.5 tons of brass. In general, it is of great significance to use MC nylon as wear-resistant parts like copper and alloy.

Post time: Sep-18-2021