Adjustment method of nylon slide block of crane big arm 1

After a certain period of use, the crane arm will appear side bending and the gap between the crane arm is too large, shaking and other phenomena, these phenomena must be timely maintenance, some need to smear lubricating oil, some need to adjust the boom slider. The following describes the adjustment method of each position slider.

The slide block on the arm end of each arm has 8 symmetrical pieces. The adjustment of the upper slider is achieved by 2 bolts on the side and 1 bolt on the top.

Swing to about 70 degrees, stand behind the turntable (counterweight) and observe where the lifting arm bends

When adjusting, first loosen the side bolt locking nut on both sides, and then adjust the limit nut on both sides at the same time to make the elbow back to the middle position.

After adjustment, tighten the lock nut to prevent the limit nut from loosening and side bending again. The lower support block is located below the front end of the boom, and there are 4 symmetrical left and right arms, 2 pairs of basic arms, 2 pairs of arms, 3 pairs of arms and 4 pairs of arms.

The slide block is adjusted by an eccentric pin

Left: support seat with slide block, right: eccentric pin shaft

Unscrew the 4 lock nuts on the eccentric pin, and then rotate the eccentric pin by estimating the amount of adjustment required according to the deflection degree of the boom.

Through the adjustment of the two support seat eccentric pin to basically ensure the left and right symmetry of the boom, and then adjust the upper slider or side slider

The side guide block is on both sides of the front of the boom, the basic arm, two arms, three arms, four arms left and right pair respectively.

The side guide block adjustment studs have two auxiliary symmetrical holes with an inner hexagon lock screw in the middle.

First loosen the central hexagon lock nut,

Then screw two auxiliary bolts into two symmetrical holes, clamp them between the two bolts with an adjustable wrench, and rotate the wrench to adjust the position of the side slider.

The side sliders must be tightened. After adjusting the left and right side sliders, tighten the middle locking screws.

Note: the adjustment of side slide block must be carried out on the premise of good adjustment of slide block. After the side slider is adjusted, tighten the locking screw on the adjusting stud.


Post time: Oct-08-2021