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Automotive plastic parts, that is, product accessories made of plastic on automobiles. Plastic parts are widely used in automobiles. Among them, body parts and interior parts are very common, and interior parts are the most.

  • Material: nylon
  • Size: customized according to demand
  • service: Customize according to the picture
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    Automotive injection parts

    Origin huaian jiangsu      materialnylonPA6 / MC

    product nameAutomotive injection parts

    processInjection molding / centrifugal casting / CNC machining

    colourCustom colors     sampleCost buyer

    Brand: Haida            Injection: centrifugal casting

    Size: customized according to demand

    Advantages of automotive plastic parts

    (1) Light weight

    One of the most prominent advantages of polymer automotive materials is its light weight and high strength. Because the average proportion of various plastics is only 15-20% of ordinary ordinary steel, it is also lighter than ordinary wood. This feature is particularly advantageous for high-end large cars, which can reduce a lot of weight.

    (2) Excellent comprehensive physical and chemical properties

    Another advantage of polymer automotive materials is that they have multiple functions and can be used in special occasions. Plastic has good insulation properties, excellent corrosion resistance, aging resistance, good wear resistance and scrub resistance, good waterproof performance and mechanical properties, good bonding properties, and is processed into various types A variety of automotive interior and exterior trims that require multiple performance and functions.

    (3) Excellent decorative effect

    The most prominent advantage of polymer automotive materials is the excellent decorative effect. It can be processed into products with complex shapes and multiple colors at one time, and sometimes it needs to be printed, filmed, embossed, laminated, and colored. It is processed into a very realistic image, pattern and pattern, which can imitate natural wood, metal, The texture of animal skin can also be gilded, filmed, silver-plated, inlaid, etc.

    (4) Good processing performance

    Due to the plasticity of polymer materials and good compatibility with other materials, different material components can be used, with the help of various modern molding processing machinery, through extrusion, injection molding, calendering, molding, blow molding It can be processed into polymer automobile materials with different shapes, different properties, different colors, and different functions by other methods, such as direct extrusion into pipes, profiles, plates, injection into products with various shapes, calendering into films, etc. It can also be made into various colors, interlayers, hollows, inserts and other products according to needs. It can also be secondary processed according to requirements, such as turning, punching, cutting, welding, and hot melting of mechanical products. , Cold saw, compound, etc.Supply Ability: See the purchase volume

    Packaging and shipping

    Packing details: Usually we use bubble film plus cardboard boxes, and if necessary, wooden pallets or wooden boxes will be used. Small items are packed in self-sealing bags + cartons. Large items are packed in wooden bags + wooden boxes.

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  • How to ensure product quality?

    We have decades of production experience, professional production equipment, and testing instruments。

    Can your products be customized?

    Support various specifications and various colors of customization, can provide us with drawings, we can directly produce

    How is tear resistance

    The impact compressive strength increased and exceeded the valley value of about 2 million. At this time, the content increases and the impact compressive strength decreases. This is because the molecular structure chain temporarily blocks its light crystallization effect, so there is a large amorphous region in the biological macromolecule, which can digest and absorb a large impact kinetic energy.



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